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Farming has always been crucial to the Central Pennsylvania economy. East Gate Feed & Grain LLC is deep in the heart of Amish country in Reedsville, Pennsylvania.  We were founded in 1997 to meet the nutritional needs of local dairy producers and animal owners.  All five founding members had significant interests in the animal feed business. Most significantly, Ed Bridgens, one of the founding members, transitioned two existing feed businesses– Belleville Flour Mills and Reedsville Milling Co. – into the new enterprise.

East Gate services dairy producers in Centre, Mifflin, Huntingdon, Juniata, and Clinton Counties.  Dairy nutritionists are on the East Gate staff but we also work with a customer’s private nutritionist.

Our employees have extensive feed and farm experience. The computerized feed mill  assures that customers receive high quality, consistent nutritional products. We offer convenient route truck delivery throughout the market place.

East Gate Feed & Grain made  big changes in 2011 to focus more on our retail at the store.   Having had a retail store at the feed mill for many years, we still often hear “I didn’t know you were here” and “I didn’t know you carried THAT”. The current remodeling process of the store is hoping to change that.  We want people to know that we carry a variety of horse, pet, livestock and wild life products. Not just feed. We have always made quality custom mill mix feeds and carried Purina products, but now we have much more to offer the retail customer to go with that feed. East Gate will always be closely involved in the dairy business, but have expanded the retail side of the business.

East Gate carries our own mill brand of livestock products for livestock, goats, chicken and pigs.  Plus you’ll find a variety of Purina products including Rabbit Chow, Nature’s Match Pig, Layena and Homegrown Layer Crumbles/Pellets and FlockRaiser. The livestock feed business is expanding into the backyard.  With the state of the economy customers are starting to have a variety of small animals to raise their own food.  From meat and milk goats to meat and layer chickens, it’s becoming “the in thing” to have livestock. If you are considering having your own homegrown eggs, stop in for Chick Days to get your flock started. East Gate not only carries chicken feed but all your poultry accessories.

The Purina horse feed line has products that fit your horses needs and your pocket book. We carry all Purina Premium Lifestyle Horse Feeds, as well as the Impact, Country Acres and Cross Roads lines. As an Expert Dealer, East Gate has in stock Ultium, Wellsolve and the new Equine Senior Active Healthy Edge.

For outdoor enthusiasts, we still have our famous East Gate Seasonal Blend Bird Seed – our own unique, custom blend of seeds to attract birds to your backyard.  Or, if you prefer, choose one of Purina’s many Wild Bird Chows. Check out our new bird feeding center for convenient bird blocks, suet cakes and a great variety of birdfeeders. For the deer hunter or hobbyist we have a variety of deer feeds, including Purina AntlerMax and Country Acres Wildlife Blend. Deer blocks are a popular item to “pickup” in our store.

Our team of employees is knowledgeable about our products and your animals.   It is our goal to be available to help you solve your feeding problems. Co-owned by Purina Mills LLC, East Gate is a Certified Expert Purina Dealer.  Purina Mills is constantly providing educational programs to our employees. With the help of our Purina Representative Cindy Robinson, we have done farm calls to feed seminars in hopes of sharing knowledge, expertise and education with the people in Reedsville and surrounding areas.


General Manager Anthony Weaver heads the Dairy Sales force. East Gate Dairy Sales Specialists include Ryan Martin and Ian Miller with Purina. Check out our Dairy staff page to contact one of these nutritionist for your Dairy needs, whether you are looking for a Purina Dairy product or a custom mix.

The team at East Gate supports community events and particularly our local 4-H and FFA youth.   Check with one of our staff about how Purina Honor Show Chows can help you feed your Champion. Purina offers programs for their Honor Show Chow winners, so be sure to ask about these promotions.


East Gate is now carrying a line of John Deere Tractor toys and Breyer Horses year round.  Schleich animals have been on of the best additions by far!  We have the largest selection of Schleich in the area.   We carry the farm, wildlife and dinosaur display as well as trees, hedges, barns and accessories.  Schleichs are great for gifts all year long!