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East Gate offers a variety of feeding options for our Dairy customers.


East Gate Custom Mixes

Purina Mills Dairy Products


Milk Replacers

  • HE Nurse Grow 100 Bov BM
  • Amplifier Max BVT BM
  • Cows Match Cold Front PB Bov
  • Cows Match Warm Front PB Bov

Calf Feed

  • Ampli-Calf Starter 22
  • Ampli-Calf Starter Pellet 20
  • Ampli- Calf Grower 18


  • Heifersmart No Phos Mineral
  • Heifersmart Base 45 Pellet

The AMPLI-CALF® Program

Nutrition for Sustainable Dairy Cattle Growth and Productivity

East Gate Calf Feeds

  • Calf Chew 16%
  • Calf Chew 20%


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